Our accounting office 124Financials based in Athens, gives reliable, immediate and substantial solutions to every accounting – tax problem to effectively and consistently support every form of business.


We make sure to provide our customers with clear information and valuable advices, which may prove useful in the implementation of the goals set by each natural and legal person. Our highly trained staff, with scientific training, experience and continuous training, is able to respond with validity and reliability to the needs of each entrepreneur. We examine all issues in a multifaceted and practical way in order to successfully deal with any issue or problem that concerns you.

Our primary concern is to develop personal relationship with our customers, aiming for a relationship of trust that is going to last for a long time. Our success is the growth and prosperity of businesses that trusted the help of our high quality services.


124Financials stands next to the entrepreneur as we support, protect and promote his interests. Our executives are informed about all accounting – tax – financial developments that take place, in order to be informed in a timely manner.


We are not just accountants – consultants but we are also your allies that will help you to achieve the goals of your business and evolve together.


124Financials is a rapidly growing dynamic company of accounting and tax consultants for companies and organizations of the private sector.

Our goal is to provide accounting and consulting services for the integration of businesses in development investment programs and the exploration of new business opportunities.


Taking into consideration the particularities and specific requirements of each business, 124Financials offers personalized solutions for the implementation of your business plans, through continuous updating as well as development and application of best practices.

The team of 124Financials consists of experienced executives, scientific collaborators and economists with a high academic background, international experience and knowledge in the field of consulting services, thus ensuring the provision of high quality services. The business integrity and the spirit of teamwork that characterize us, allow us to offer effective solutions to our customers, as well as substantial support for the creation of a long-term, successful cooperation.